2009 USAF T-Bird Airshow preview




Yorktown Eagles

Yorktown Goldfinch, Onions & Purple Thistle

College Creek on the James River

Friday Nite Jazz @ St George Brewing Co

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I started getting serious about photography (meaning carrying a camera around) walking Klaus, my first white GSD around Yorktown, the battlefields and the woods around Wormley Pond. I started with an Olympus long zoom P&S film camera.  In 2000 I made the transition to digital photography with a Nikon CP-990, eventually adding on the TC-E3ED 3x, WC-E63 and FC-E8 converters. I tried the Nikon CP-5700 and converters and found them lacking and moved up to my first dSLR, a Nikon D70. Over the years this was followed up walking Buddy, my 2nd wGSD, and have upgraded camera bodies along the way. I got fairly seroius about wildlife photography and acquired a 1st gen Nikkor 200-400 f/4 VR which I shoot mainly with the TC-14E II for many/most wildlife shots. You might note that I will post out of focus shots. I do do this for a couple of reasons. First to document what I experience at times, but also to show that even with my equipment and whatever experience I have nowhere near every shot is perfect, or even close.


For additional examples of my photography please visit my old site.


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