2009 USAF T-Bird Airshow preview

Recently reprocessed to fic white balance issues

College Creek on the James River

- 2016_1
- 2016_2
- 2017_1

- 2017_2
- 2017_3
- 2017_4
- 2018_1
- 2018_2

- 2018_3
- 2018_4
- 2019_1
- 2019_2
- 2019_3

Friday Nite Jazz @ St George Brewing Co

Yorktown Eagles
- 2015

- 2016_1
- 2016_2 (Fledged!)


Yorktown Goldfinch, Onions & Purple Thistle

- 2015
- 2016
- 2017


(under construction)

I started getting serious about photography (meaning carrying a camera around) walking Klaus, my first white GSD around Yorktown, the battlefields and the woods around Wormley Pond. I started with an Olympus long zoom P&S film camera.  In 2000 I made the transition to digital photography with a Nikon CP-990, eventually adding on the TC-E3ED 3x, WC-E63 and FC-E8 converters. I tried the Nikon CP-5700 and converters and found them lacking and moved up to my first dSLR, a Nikon D70. Over the years this was followed up walking Buddy, my 2nd wGSD, and have upgraded camera bodies along the way. I got fairly seroius about wildlife photography and acquired a 1st gen Nikkor 200-400 f/4 VR which I shoot mainly with the TC-14E II for many/most wildlife shots. You might note that I will post out of focus shots. I do do this for a couple of reasons. First to document what I experience at times, but also to show that even with my equipment and whatever experience I have nowhere near every shot is perfect, or even close.


This new site is in the early stages of contruction. For additional examples of my photography please visit my old site in the mean time.


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